The Belt Man has been making high quality, hand made, durable, custom belts in Queensland for many years.

 You get to choose the high quality leather, then match that leather with a buckle of your choice. You simply supply a waist measurement and we make a custom leather belt designed just for you.

A belt from us will be unlike any other belt available.

-You get to choose the belt and buckle combination.

-Your leather belt is made specifically to fit you.

-All our leather is real, high quality leather that will not split or delaminate.

-All belts are made using chicago screws so the buckles can be easily changed.

-Your belt will be made by hand in Australia.

Ordering over our website is simple and fun!  

Get started by selecting either a Plain Leather Belt or a Patterned Leather Belt!

To see how we make some of our great high quality belts be sure to check out the videos and other great content on our Facebook page:

For most orders follow the prompts on the website - for other enquiries please email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.  

Unfortunately The Belt Man can only ship to addresses in Australia.

To see what buckles we have available click on the following links then head over to the plain leather or patterned leather tabs to place your order:

32mm Buckles
38mm Buckles
3 Piece Buckles
Trophy Buckles

If you are interested in placing a corporate order please feel free to contact us at:
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Or fill out the Contact Us form from our menu.

If you require a belt that is larger than 50 inches we also ask that you call ahead before placing your order.


The Belt Man Story

About 8 years ago I attended ‘Beef Week’ in Rockhampton to promote leathercraft.  One customer asked if he could get a leather belt made while he stood and watched. After making the first belt, the person behind him wanted one too and soon there was a queue forming for handmade leather belts.

And so the concept of ‘The Belt Man’ was born.

I made some basic workbenches and prepared a display to promote my high quality, hand made leather belts. The difference being that these leather belts were ‘made while you wait’.

I took my leather belts to the Brisbane EKKA and was amazed at the demand. We had premade leather belts, but most customers wanted to choose their own leather and match it with their choice of buckle. They liked seeing their own custom, leather belt being handmade right there in front of them.

Since then The Belt Man has exhibited at 15 - 20 shows per year across the east coast of Australia. You can find The Belt Man at agricultural field days and major country shows like Beef Week, Brisbane EKKA, Ag Quip and Farm Fest.

Our belts are handmade from one piece of solid, high quality leather, which means they wear well and will last. We have customers who have worn the same leather belt every day for more than 5 years!

There are plenty of cheap laminated belts available but they just don't last. These belts have a very thin layer of leather on the top, padding in the middle and suede on the bottom. The Belt Man belts are made of higher quality material. Our belts are solid leather and will never split or delaminate.

We offer a wide range of colours and finishes of leather so our customers can find just what they are after. We also offer a range of buckles in a variety of finishes, shapes and different materials. Finally our leather belts are assembled using chicago screws so the buckle can easily be changed if required.

For a custom, hand made, high quality leather belt you simply can’t do better than The Belt Man.

To find me in person you can head over to the news tab of our website to see when I’ll be at a show near you. Or to have a custom belt sent to you, you can order right here on our website.

Ordering a custom leather belt on our website is easy and fun. Just pick a belt design, a buckle, provide me with your waist measurements and I’ll take care of the rest.

High quality, hand made, unique leather belts made just for you.

Best of all The Belt Man is proudly Australian owned.


The Belt Man.